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In our chill department you will find a fantastic display of all the usual chilled products you would find in any competitive supermarket including fresh pastas, fresh soups and sauces, a great snack range, wonderful cooked meats and a range of fresh fish including mackeral fillets, prawns, salmon and smoked kippers.

Apart from usual branded cheeses we also stock a variety of wonderful tasty cheeses including :-

Tintern Cheese with Chives & Shallots
Harlech Cheese with horseradish & parsley
Y-Fenni Cheese a mature cheddar with beer & wholegrain mustard
White Stilton with Mango & Ginger
White Stilton with Apricot
Wensleydale & Cranberries
Innkeepers Choice - a mature cheddar with pickled onions & chives
Cotswold Cheese which is double Gloucester with onions & chives
Huntsman cheese - Double Gloucester & Blue Stilton
Caerphilly & leek
Butler's Secret - a Special Reserve Mature Cheddar - Very Popular
with our customers
Brockmoor Extra Mature Cheddar
Kerry Gold Mature Cheddar
Croxton Manor - a mild cheddar with flavour


We also offer a diverse range of products to cater for people with special dietry requirements including lacto free milk, cheese and yoghurts and dairy free milk, yoghurts and desserts along with low cholesterol yoghurt drinks and spreads.

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